Longshot Ballistic Launcher ball

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Get in a great game of fetch by adding this launch ball to your Longshots
Launch Dog Toy Collection!

•High flying toy
•Ball floats in water
•Capable of going over 100 feet
•Extremely durable
•Loop to connect with launcher
•Lead and phthalate free

The Launch Ball is designed especially for the Longshots Launcher and, it
too, includes a Launch Loop to allow it to be attached to the Longshots
Launcher. The Launch Ball is designed to offer an erratic bounce upon
landing and a longer flight for those dogs that want to run a bit further
at times. The design of the Launch Ball also utilizes grooves to help
clean teeth and gums during play. More importantly, it does not retain
nearly as much dirt buildup and is easily cleaned.

*Longshots Launcher is designed for use only with Longshots toys, please
do not attempt to launch toys that are not designed for the Longshots